What is hair toner at home?

What is hair toner at home


Taking care of your hair and making it look great has become easier with various products available today. One product gaining popularity is hair toner. It’s something you can now use at home to improve your hair color. This guide will explain all about hair toner, why it’s useful, how to use it, and even how to make your own at home.

What is Hair Toner?

Hair toner is like a special kind of hair color. It helps fix the color of your hair and make it look better. When you change your hair color or lighten it, sometimes it turns a bit yellow or brassy. Toner helps fix that and makes your hair color look nicer.

Why Use Hair Toner at Home?

1. Makes Hair Color Better: Toner makes your hair color look smooth and nice. It’s like adding finishing touches to a painting.

2. Adds Special Effects: Toner can make your hair look more interesting by adding different shades and colors.

3. Stops Weird Colors: After changing your hair color, sometimes it can turn strange colors like yellow or orange. Toner helps fix that.

4. Try New Looks: With toner, you can try new hair colors without making a big commitment. It’s not permanent, so you can change it again later.

Different Types of Hair Toner

1. Purple/Silver Toner: This one helps remove yellow or brassy tones from blonde hair and makes it cooler.

2. Blue Toner: If you have brown hair, blue toner can help get rid of orange or red tones.

3. White Toner: White toner can make blonde hair very light or soften very bright colors.

4. Clear Toner: This one doesn’t change your hair color but adds shine and makes it look healthy.

How to Use Hair Toner at Home

1. Get Your Hair Ready: Wash your hair and make sure it’s lightened to the color you want.

2. Choose the Right Toner: Pick a toner that’s right for the color you want. Try a small test first to make sure you like it.

3. Test a Strand: Try the toner on a small part of your hair to see how it looks.

4. Put on the Toner: Divide your hair into sections and put the toner on evenly. Don’t leave it on for too long.

5. Wash and Condition: After the right time, wash the toner off and use conditioner to keep your hair healthy.

Make Your Own Hair Toner

1. Chamomile Tea Toner: Brew strong chamomile tea, let it cool, and use it on your hair for a nice glow.

2. Vinegar Toner: Mix vinegar and water, put it on your hair to fix strange colors.

3. Berry Toner: Crush berries like blueberries, mix with conditioner, and use it to try fun colors.

4. Vitamin C Toner: Crush vitamin C tablets, mix with shampoo, and use it to fade unwanted color.

5. Honey Toner: Mix honey with conditioner, put it on for a short time to add warmth to your hair.

Remember These Tips

1. Clean Lightened Hair: Only use toner on hair that’s the right color after lightening.

2. Don’t Wait Too Long: Follow the time instructions so your hair doesn’t get weird colors.

3. Read the Directions: Always follow the toner’s instructions for the best results.

4. Use Conditioner: After toning, use conditioner to keep your hair healthy.

5. Be Careful: If you’re not sure, ask a hairstylist for help.


Hair toner is like magic for your hair color. Now you know how it works, why it’s great, and how to use it at home. Whether you want to fix your hair color, try something new, or just have fun, hair toner is a cool way to make your hair look awesome.

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