What ears can’t get industrial piercing?

What ears can't get industrial piercing

Industrial piercings are cool! They’re two piercings on the upper part of your ear, connected by one long bar. What ears can’t get industrial piercing, you might wonder? But not every ear can handle this piercing. Here’s why:

1. Ear Shape

  • Not the Right Fit: Some ears just don’t have the right shape. If your ear’s upper part is too small or curved in a certain way, the piercing might not fit.
  • Thin Skin: If the skin on your ear is too thin, the piercing might not heal right or could be uncomfortable.

2. Past Ear Problems

  • Scars: If you’ve had ear surgeries or injuries, you might have scars. Piercing through scar tissue can be tricky and might not heal well.
  • Changed Shape: Injuries or surgeries can change how your ear looks. This might make the piercing hard to place.

3. Skin Issues

  • Bumpy Scars: Some people get raised scars called keloids. If you’ve had these on your ears before, this piercing might not be a good idea.
  • Skin Conditions: If you have skin problems like eczema on your ear, the piercing might not heal properly.

4. Other Piercings

  • Where They Are: If you already have piercings where the industrial would go, you might need to remove and heal them first.
  • Past Problems: If you had issues like infections from other ear piercings, you could have problems with this one too.

5. Your Daily Life

  • Sports: If you play sports where your ear might get hit or pulled, think twice. The piercing can get hurt easily.
  • Jobs: Some jobs might not allow piercings, or they could be risky.

In Short

Industrial piercings are awesome, but they’re not for everyone. Talk to a piercing expert to see if your ear is a good fit. And remember, taking care of your piercing after you get it is super important!

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