What Does a Toner Do for Hair?

What Does a Toner do for Hair


When it comes to taking care of our hair, there are different products we can use to get the look we want. One of these products is hair toner. What does a toner do for hair, you might ask? Even though we often hear about toner for our skin, toner for our hair is a thing too! This article will help you understand what hair toner does and why it’s important for your hair.

What is Hair Toner?

Think of hair toner as a special product for your hair that helps fix the color. It’s especially helpful if you’ve dyed or lightened your hair. Hair toners come in different forms like liquids or sprays. They’re used after you’ve bleached or lightened your hair.

How Toner Works

When your hair is lightened, its natural color goes away. But sometimes, the color that shows up isn’t what you want. Hair can turn brassy, which means it gets these weird yellow or orange tones. This is where hair toner comes in! Toner has colors in it that can fix these unwanted tones. It’s like magic paint that makes your hair color look better.

What Toner Does for Your Hair

Toner does a few important things to make your hair look awesome:

  1. Fixes Strange Colors: Toner helps get rid of those strange yellow or orange colors in your hair, so it looks more natural.
  2. Makes Hair Color Pop: It can make your hair color look even better by adding some cool highlights or shadows.
  3. Adds Shine: Toned hair looks shinier and healthier because it’s got rid of the strange colors that make hair look dull.
  4. Customizes Color: You can use toner to get the exact hair color you want. It’s like getting a personalized hair color just for you!
  5. Smooths Hair: Toner can help your hair look smoother and easier to manage by closing the outside layer of your hair.

Kinds of Hair Toners

There are different types of hair toners for different needs:

  1. Purple/Violet Toner: This one helps blond hair that looks too yellow. It makes it cooler and less brassy.
  2. Blue Toner: For brown hair with weird orange tones, blue toner is like a superhero. It makes the color more natural.
  3. Silver/Grey Toner: If you want silver or grey hair, this toner can help you get that trendy look.
  4. Clear Toner: This one doesn’t change the color of your hair. It just adds shine and makes your hair easier to deal with.

Using Toner and Taking Care of Your Hair

Using hair toner is kind of like following a recipe:

  1. Get Ready: Make sure your hair is lightened before you use toner.
  2. Put it On: Read the instructions on the toner bottle. Put it on your hair and wait for a bit.
  3. Wash it Out: Rinse the toner out with cold water, and then use conditioner.
  4. Keep it Nice: To make the toner last longer, use shampoos and conditioners that are safe for colored hair. Also, don’t use too much heat on your hair.


Hair toner is like a secret weapon to get the hair color you really want. It helps fix strange colors, adds shine, and even makes your hair easier to style. No more weird yellow or orange tones – just cool and beautiful hair color. Whether you’re trying to get that perfect blonde or want to try a stylish silver, hair toner is here to make your hair dreams come true!

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