Mastering Incline Push-Ups: A Simple Guide

incline push up

Incline push-ups are a cool twist on the classic push-up that make it a bit easier to do, especially if you’re just starting out or want to mix things up in your workouts. Instead of pushing up from the ground, you place your hands on something higher up, like a bench or a step. This means you don’t have to lift as much of your own weight, making the exercise more doable.

Why Incline Push-Ups Rock

1. Great for Beginners

If you’re new to working out, regular push-ups might feel super hard. Incline push-ups are a friendlier option that lets you build up your strength bit by bit.

2. Focus on Certain Muscles

These push-ups work your chest, shoulders, and the back of your arms. By changing how high your hands are, you can make the exercise harder or easier and target different muscles more.

3. Learn the Right Way to Do Push-Ups

Doing incline push-ups helps you get good at the proper push-up form. You can practice keeping your body straight and your core tight without having to deal with the full weight of a regular push-up.

4. Keep Your Workouts Fresh

As you get stronger, you can lower the height of your hands to make the push-ups harder. This means incline push-ups can grow with you as you get fitter, keeping your workouts interesting.

Doing Incline Push-Ups the Right Way

  1. Pick Your Spot: Find a stable spot like a bench or a sturdy table that’s higher up. The higher it is, the easier the push-up will be.
  2. Hand Placement: Put your hands on the edge, a bit wider than your shoulders.
  3. Get in Position: Stretch your legs out behind you so you’re on your toes, making a straight line from your head to your feet.
  4. Go Down: Bend your elbows to lower your chest towards the spot where your hands are.
  5. Push Up: Straighten your arms to lift yourself back to the start. Make sure to use your chest, shoulders, and arms.

Adding Incline Push-Ups to Your Routine

You can do incline push-ups as part of any workout. Try starting with 10 to 15 reps and see how you feel. If it gets too easy, you can try lowering your hands to make it harder or go for regular push-ups.

In short, incline push-ups are a super versatile exercise that’s perfect whether you’re just starting out or looking for new ways to challenge yourself. They help you build strength, learn good form, and keep your workouts exciting. So why not give them a try?

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