How Long Does Meth Stay in Your System?

How Long Does Meth Stay In Your System

How Long Does Meth Stay In Your System? Methamphetamine, or meth for short, is a strong drug that can be really addictive. It’s important to know how long it stays in your body, especially if you’re worried about drug tests for jobs or legal stuff.

What is Half-Life?

First, let’s talk about “half-life.” This is how long it takes for half of the drug to leave your body. For meth, this is usually between 9 to 24 hours. So, after this time, only half the amount of meth is left in your system.

What Affects How Long Meth Stays?

Several things can change how long meth stays in your body:

  1. How Much and How Often You Use: More meth or using it often can make it stay longer.
  2. Your Metabolism: This is how fast your body processes things. Faster metabolism means meth leaves your body quicker.
  3. Your Age and Health: Younger and healthier people usually get rid of meth faster.
  4. Your Body Size and How Much Water You Drink: These also play a role.

Where and How Long Can Tests Find Meth?

Different tests can find meth for different amounts of time:

  1. Urine: This is the most common test. Meth can show up in your pee for 3 to 6 days.
  2. Blood: Meth stays in your blood for about 1 to 3 days.
  3. Saliva (Spit): Meth can be found in your spit for 1 to 4 days.
  4. Hair: This test can find meth even after 90 days.

Getting Rid of Meth

Your kidneys help get meth out of your body. Drinking lots of water can help, but it doesn’t make the process much faster. Your liver also helps break down meth.

Risks of Using Meth

Meth is super addictive and can cause a lot of health problems like heart issues and bad teeth (called “meth mouth”). Also, having meth in your system can get you in trouble legally, like failing a drug test which could affect your job or legal situation.


So, meth can stay in your body from a few days to several months. It depends on how much you use, your body, and the type of test. But the most important thing is to get help if you or someone you know is using meth. It’s really harmful to your health and life.

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