Does a UTI Cause Abdominal Pain?

Does a UTI Cause Abdominal Pain


Urinary Tract Infections, or UTIs, are pretty common, especially among girls. They can bring some uncomfortable feelings, like needing to pee a lot and pain when peeing. Does a UTI Cause Abdominal Pain? People often wonder if a UTI can make your belly hurt too. This article will explain the connection between UTIs and belly pain, so you can understand why it happens.

Getting to Know UTIs: A Quick Look

A UTI happens when tiny germs, usually from your stomach, get into your pee pipes through your pee-hole. These germs can travel upwards and mess up your bladder (it’s like a pee storage bag) or even your kidneys (they help clean your blood). Even though UTIs usually affect the lower part where you pee, they can sometimes make your belly hurt too.

How UTIs and Belly Pain Are Connected

  • Irritation and Redness Nearby
    When those germs start to grow inside your bladder, they can make the inside all red and swollen. This redness can spread to the area around your belly, causing a bit of pain or discomfort.
  • Pain Moving Around
    Sometimes, the pain you feel in your belly might not be exactly where the germs are causing trouble. The wires that send pain signals can sometimes mix things up. So, you might feel pain in your belly even though the problem is somewhere else.

How It Feels: Signs to Watch

  • Belly Discomfort
    If you have a UTI, you might feel a dull or heavy ache in your lower belly. It could also feel like your belly is puffy or full.
  • Hurt when You Go
    When you pee with a UTI, it might sting or hurt a bit. This can make your belly ache too, because the pee makes the sore parts inside your bladder touch.
  • Back Pain
    If a UTI gets worse and reaches your kidneys, you might feel pain in your upper back or the sides of your belly. This pain can move around from your kidneys to your belly.

When to Get Help

While a bit of belly pain is normal with a UTI, keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Really Bad Pain
    If your belly hurts a lot, especially if you also have a high fever, it’s time to see a doctor. This could mean the infection is getting worse.
  • Pain that Won’t Go Away
    If your belly keeps hurting even after you start taking medicine for the UTI, talk to a doctor. Something else might be going on.


So, yes, a UTI can give you belly pain. It happens because the germs make things red and sore inside, and sometimes your body mixes up where the pain goes. Most of the time, the pain goes away with medicine and some rest. But if your belly hurts really bad or doesn’t stop hurting, don’t hesitate to ask a doctor. They can help you feel better in no time!

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